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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #24: Halls of Fury!

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Raxx emailed me the file for a head start here it is :);topic=3905.0;attach=9396

just kidding its on his first post


--- Quote from: Indian8or on January 06, 2011, 07:00:38 am ---One question?  Should the word "Fury" reflect in the scene?

--- End quote ---

Only if you want it to ;) That won't be in the judging criteria. Entries will be judged based on overall impression by the general public. I'll edit my first post to include that info.

And yeah, my first post is updated with the .an8 file with the hallway :o

Hm, kinda strange. I did some renders and the results were not what I thought they would be. And the whole challenge with the file given:  ??? So, we can add something to the hall, modify it or only something inside of it. And the local lights must stay ?

The images below are: as it is on screen ( not rendered )
                               rendered with resolution given
                               rendered with resolution 1000 x 700

so why the difference of what we see?

Well, to be honest that's the old way that things had to be done. Basically you could only use a 5:1 aspect ratio (1800x360, 900x180, 675x135, 450x90, etc) in your renders in order to get the same results as I got. But it's not handy for quick previews or even seeing it in the OpenGL workspace, so I went ahead and adjusted the .an8 file's scene and camera settings. This way you can see what it'll look like without having to render it, and rendering any ratio puts the entire scene in the render anyway.

So to all you folks who already downloaded it, feel free to download the file again for the adjusted camera. The objects are untouched so you can just import the objects if you have already started on it. However it won't make a difference to the final result whether you download the new file or not, since rendering at 5:1 ratio gives the same result in both cases.

And to answer your other question, no the lights don't have to be the same. The only things that have to be the same is the camera position and FOV, the dimensions of the original hallway, and the 1800x360 final render requirement.

You can add whatever you want to the hallway, add more hallways or rooms, add stuff around the hallway to supplement it, add stuff inside it, etc. Just don't block the original hallway from the camera. Also from the sample you only really get the impression of one kind of scale. But you can make it out to whatever scale of detail you want. Like a huge banquet or concert hall, a portion of a mall, a regular underground hallway, a hotel hallway, a mouse nest, or even some little ant hole or whatever.

Ok, we'll see what we can do, very interesting what people will come with on this theme. Although the camera position looks not so artistic for me  :P And one suggestion: if for the next challenges there will be those challenge polls, not to create new topics but use the old ( open them ) because if not , there will be a mess here i guess  8)


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