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Welcome to challenge #25: 1000!

This, my friends, is my 1000th post on the anim8or forum. Now I wonder what you people can do with the number 1000.

So what do you have to do?
Make a still image with the number 1000 in mind. You can use it a text or figuratively.
ie: a thousand dollar bill, or thousand dollar bills ;)

Be creative and see how you can use the number 1000 in your image.

One month: May 4th.

good luck!

Woo, grats on the 1000 posts. Let's see what I can do with such a large number...

Cool, floyd. Congrats. :)

I really, really, intend to enter this one.
I also need to finish up on the Anim8or Collab…

Great idea! ^^

Hmm quite a broad topic. Number one thousand...

Something to ponder on.

yeegawd.... It's my fault, I know...


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