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Space Battleship USS Minnesota

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Just a small project.  Not really putting a lot of detail into it.

My concept for a space battleship.

Looks pretty cool so far, wg! Keep workin on it!

Well I personally like it, and would love to super-datail it if you like!

Showed it off on the Orbiter website, as I intend to make it as a ship you can fly around the solar system in that freeware game.  I got back some suggestions that the nose was too weak/long and reminded somebody of a mosquito.  Also, the turrets seemed to archaic.

So, I modified the design a bit.

Personally, I like the long nose... it implies a super-weapon for use on special situations and as a single shot-then the weapon is expended-basis, not for rapid-fire combat but for taking on much larger, slow or stationary targets such a large stations, asteroids, etc. Maybe even a planet-cracker of some sort.

This would a good model for game play as you say, but then to be super-detailed for 3D animation or art, title screen, etc.  You could then take the superdetailed ship and use it to create textures for the simpler gameplay model.


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