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Hey guys, so remember when I made this? LOL

Just wanted to let you know, I've been working on remaking this, and now it's DONE! It's scheduled to be uploaded this Saturday!

(Also, I have a new Facebook page by the way: )


The task of remaking this old project was my semester assignment for Digital Media Projects. Looking back, I was really disappointed at just how terrible this old animation was. I wasn't proud of it at all. So I decided to remake it in Traditional 2D animation, which I'm much better at. I was going for Max Fleischer's style (Betty Boop, Popeye), and portrayed it in a more innocent and humorous fashion. I also made my own original music this time.

When I didn't finish it in time by the end of the semester, I was so burned out, I didn't want to do ANYTHING for two whole months. Recently I got back to work on it, and now it's finally done!

what a difference six years makes... very well done, Cori!

Wow Cori!! I can tell you'vecome REALLY far since then! The music is great at accentuating the story, but the quality of the animation is fantabulous :))

Uniquely humorous take on what was maybe a pretty intense and history-changing story. Great work

Nice vintage animation style!  While the new version is excellent, don't be too hard on yourself regarding the original.  I recall precious few animation projects being completed by anyone around that time, yours was one of the few Anim8or animations I saw that was built to a brief and actually served a real purpose and from memory you were pretty new to Anim8or when it was created.  It's great that you were able to redo this animation and I love the new version, but I also reserve the right to hold the original in pretty high regard too :)


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