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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #27: War Machine

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Challenge #27: War Machine

What's a war machine? What can be a war machine?

Deadline: October 1st, 2011

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best 10-second turntable video

Before you ask...

* Example Turntable
* Turntable platform/environment is up to you
* War machine can be animated while turning, but is not required
* Youtube or Vimeo please!!! And post a still shot too!
* Concerned about render times? Then keep the platform/environment simple! The main focus is the War Machine!
Just Have fun!

davdud101 -
headwax - &
$imon - d=1

Can I use a model I've been working on recently, but wasn't specifically for this comp? Cuz my computer's gotta get fixed this week, and I won't be around for the following 1-and-a-half weeks. Plz?

If you feel it's the only way you can make it in time for the deadline, I have no objections. Do note though that you have an entire month to work on it!

that's true... I say as I'm rendering My AO pass for my final.

Wow another challenge already !  :) Great theme ! Hope, as in previous, there will be lot of entries ( and all finished in time  ;D ).


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