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WEEHEEEE oh, oh wait its dead, I thought it was dancing (CRE8OR NOTICE)

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Well if you weren't a commonear (64... hehehe) to the cre8or site, then you probably don't know already, and if you were common to the cre8or site, you probably still don't even know (cause no one seem to go onto that site), so I shall tell you now, cre8or is dead.
Quite frankly I'm surprised that cre8or was able to stay alive for the several years it had, specially since its own creator (kappa/kappax) only was online basically 4 times within t three years. I wouldn't have blame kappax for its death if he actually legitimately explained why he couldn't work on it, or if had of let other people to carry on the project, but no he didn't.

So its dead, now what? or even "what will ever happen to the bird splash screen that always had some sort of invert blend effect on it? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO IT!?!?!",  you may ask. Well now I should have filtered out the people who actually used cre8or between the people don't care what so ever with my long arse rant of the day here, so let me tell you...

I'm currently working on a new version of cre8or, and with my zombie instincts kicking in, I call the project code name, project undead, fitting don't you think?
Some things are going to change with my version of it...

I have no site, 1-two I have no money for a site, 1-three I am piss poor site wise. So ignore the site right now, I will see what I can do about that later

I am using opengl directly, so no ogre3d nor directx (opengl is better anyways)

I'm still making it work with anim8or for multiple reasons, one its awesome, two its easy to use, three its awesome, did I mention its awesome (I love its modeling tools)

audiere is the only sound library I got working so its being used (but I got it to work a lot better)

The interface is going to be different, but very similar, plus I'm making it more professional (tool descriptions are actually going to work with actual definitions included)

the first version of the project undead will look worse than cre8or, but that's because I still haven't got glsl shaders to work yet.

I know I'm missing lots of stuff but that's all my brain is configuring right now so uhh yea, umm if you have any comments, questions, rants, flame wars, curses, just let me know.

I was kinda constant until I couldn't run it on win7. But you're rewritten the entire thing, or did he provide source code? You could use a site like or other to make a site, also. Hopefully, people will donate to the project; I'll definitely use it once it's released, so as long as it's as easy as Cre8or was ( in that 'GameMaker' way).

Well kappa never released source code for it, but it was ripped from machine code into .net code, but that kinda really sucks (multiple ways from a programmers perspective). So I am programming the whole thing ground up, and doing it the way cre8or was originally made, where it uses an engine to run scripts, and I'm going to make sure that all the issues and bugs that were never fixed in cre8or, will be fixed, or better worded, not even in existence (AND I WILL MAKE SURE OF THIS!!!!).
And I'm going to make as easy as cre8or was (probably even easier without the bugs).
It would be sweet to write my own compiler, but that would take am excessive amount of work (college graduates wouldn't even bother attempting at that).

ALSO: Ive already tried all the libraries I use on my moms computer (windows 7) and it works.
So for sure windows 7 and XP will be able to run it, all the libraries I use also support UNIX systems (linux, and possibly macs, but I really don't care for macs so they can suck it :P )

as for the site, it would be awesome if people donated to the project, although I highly doubt anyone would, and I also want to stay away from those free sites. I need full control over the site access, be able to use php, as well as html (of course) without advertisements (from those free site hosters), that and I hate when you got something like www.freewebsites/blahbhskdha/23478/adk/hi/what_the_Heck_is_this/
if you get my point.

cooldude, I LOVE YOU! ;D no, just kidding... but its awesome what you are doing ^^

I can offer you hosting on, maybe as a subdomain with ftp and mysql access.


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