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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #28: Greek!?!

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Challenge #28: Greek!?!

Woof (x3)
Test out all of your skills! Present any mythical Greek creature or god in its mythical environment as a single still image.

Deadline: January 9th 2012

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best still render

Before you ask...

* Use Anim8or for at least half of your work
* Try making everything from scratch
* You can only render it using free software! If it is listed on their website with a price tag, that means it's not free.
* Here's a good list of Greek Gods and Creatures:
* Post-production is allowed, using any software--limit to just compositing renders, touch-ups, and adjusting values
So this time around I've restated some of the usual rules, and put in two new restrictions -- free renderer only and a limit on post-production.

Experiment a little and enjoy the challenge!

Looks interesting, maybe I'll join :)

True - I hope I'll have time to make it (I think I will have some the second half of the month, so you had better make your chests wet! (badly translated Dutch saying for 'better watch out!'))
As a European though I, of course, feel compelled to do Europa on the white bull Zeus.. but we'll see ;)

Good luck to anyone participating! I hope to see good W.I.P.s here..

Raxx, we all know you are very good at organic modeling, so the pressure is on you to finish a masterpiece ! ;)

 :D Raxx, you a little ...  :D  Before even looking for who started the topic, by just looking at the title : " Greek !?! " , I knew it were you  ;D  Since I live in Greece ( don't even tell me anything about economics  ;D  :'(  ;D  ) I guess it's just "must do" fo me. But since I never finish anything, I'll try just to finish this by doing it super simple. All about the theme and not skills particularly for now, you know  :)

P.S.: Eh Raxx, Raxx  :D

Haha, well I'm glad there's some interest in this. Who doesn't like Greek mythology?

I'll be looking forward to you guys' entries then. As for myself...assuming I even finish it, I'm going to try something with Cerberus and maybe Hades in it.


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