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Anyone got any ideas for a project?

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Its the Christmas holidays and I have plenty of time on my hands.... I am thinking of doing something Anim8or, but I cant think what.

Anyone got any ideas for a project?

I don't like using humans or things, rigging and all that just doesnt gel with me so I would prefer to do something that doesnt involve humans or animals or animate beings. I do like doing buildings, structures and a few easy vehicles.

Im not a noob at anima8or or 3D work, I just havent really gotten into a project that Ive wanted to go all the way with.

So any ideas? Just shoot them at me


why not join in our community project , machineman "Trains Boats & Planes" six month project for SimCity type community, Make a few Models and Contribute them into the project plus we are there to help with any hangups

its at:

for more info.

a street corner

Thanks Kreator, but I do prefer to do my own projects... Ive seen all too many other peoples' projects starting to fail and then just die out... And I like to do it at my speed anyway.

Mak, Hmm, could do.

I think I need to get my anim8or sorted out first anyway. Whenever I draw selection boxes it shows them as if it is every frame... annoying.

Ours don`t die Machineman!... I know what u mean though...
Christmas community project was finished abeit a bit rushed in the end as running out of time,
 but the Christmas tree was completed and all contributors got their credit where applicible.

or the better quality anim at (32meg download )

All thats needed is a  few models here and there in spare time


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