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Author Topic: Copping with missing model textures in Anim8or using 3D Exploration.  (Read 1584 times)


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As most of you know already know Anim8or does not copy 2D textures when models are exported to external storage folders. Typically, you have to manually copy your textures to any external folders that you plan to use to store your Anim8or models.

I recently discovered one very useful method to avoid the problem to some extent by using a 3rd party conversion application called, Right Hemiphere's, older 3D Exploration version 1x model conversion utility. 3DEX, as I call it can be configured to find and display the missing textures by going in to Tools>Options>Textures and click Add.., now locate the path and folder where you have your textures stored and hit okay. You can add as many path entries as you need and 3DEX will search them to display the textures on your models. Select Apply for every new path you add, and then hit OK when you're  finally done entering paths for 3DEX to search for missing textures.

I do a lot of Direct-X to SI-XSI model conversions, so manually copying textures takes a lot of time and increases the work load substantially. With this method all I need to do is point 3DEX to the right file paths and when I convert my X models to XSI; 3DEX will automatically create a new texture file in the same folder; it just copies and renames the texture file and places it in the same folder. Another advantage to this method is the folder size stays smaller because you don't have any texture files other then the one's created by 3DEX. Cheers, Leroy.
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