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Challenge #31:Big Brother

Lotsa Windows
Deadline: March 1st, 2013 (completed)

This is a free-for-all with a twist. The final entry must be a still render. However, the catch is that you must also capture the entire process via a screen recording program! Use youtube or a similar video sharing website to showcase this.

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for the best entry. Only still renders coupled with a youtube video of the process qualify.

Before you ask...

* Use Anim8or for at least a little of your work (has to be in the workflow somewhere).
* Try making everything from scratch
* Use recording software like CamStudio.
* Record the entire process! From Concept to Completion. That's the primary point here! You can narrate if you want, or else pick out some background music.
* Try to keep the video less than 30 minutes. Fast forward (timelapse) when possible, so long as the viewer can get a gist of what you're doing.
Enjoy the challenge!

Final Entries:

I guess I should clarify so it doesn't confuse you..."Big Brother" refers to the book 1984. It's not the subject matter that your work has to focus on. It's a free-for-all, pick whatever subject you want.

hopefully I can find enough hard drive space for a screen recording, I'm down to 56 mega bytes again ):<

(ps I hate that stupid book)

Ooh, I'm definitely in!! I'll start drawing up some con art...

As I just got inspiration for yet another brainfart, I'll bite. Though, I am a slow, plug-along builder much of the time... Does everyone REALLY want to see me take hours staring at a blank screen before producing something as phenomenal as a cube?

Seriously (EDIT) here we go... a preview of what I intend to make... &

(EDIT 2) Let me smoke my pipe: &


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