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 Hi there Raxx.  This is awesome. I added phur to unsubdivided mesh, converted phur to mesh and then 'joined solids'. Now it sticks to animations. Have done a couple of tests on springy. Unable to post an animated gif, but have put a very short clip on youtube.

 Rendered very quickly.

 Will keep playing with this and keep you posted as i discover new things.....
 Really cool plugin.  ;D

Very cool bro, and thanks for posting the script. Leroy.


--- Quote from: lppena on April 21, 2013, 03:22:44 pm ---Very cool bro, and thanks for posting the script. Leroy.

--- End quote ---
I thought you were going to say "cool story bro" :P

Good job on the script rax, this should hopefully make it easier to use than the previous fur script ;)
Haven't downloaded it yet, but does it allow deconstruction of the generated fur (IE if you apply the fur, can you unapply the fur), if not do you have plans to do this(because that's one thing I hate with a lot of the scripts with anim8or)?

Glad you guys like it!

johnar, nice to see Springy growing some Phur ;)

lppena, you're welcome, and thanks

cooldude234, one of the great things about parametric shape scripts is that it's pretty versatile compared to regular command scripts (I'm guessing those are what you're referring to). I made PHUR so that if you're tired of looking at the fur, you can apply a dummy material to it and it'll revert back to the frowny face after you OK it. It'll retain all of the settings, and to restore it just reapply the original material to it again. Alternatively, you can just select it and hide it if you want to work on the base mesh(es) again. Lastly, you could just apply a different material (be it a copy or otherwise) to whatever face or mesh you want to unapply the fur.

Another advantage to PHUR being a parametric shape is that the file size imprint is close to nil if you save it without converting to mesh. The file only saves the parameters, not the mesh generated!

[edit] By the way, attached is an example of multiple materials w/ fur on one mesh, kind of neglected to show it in action

I'm going to go ahead and update to v1.1. New features:

* Option to make height/width variation based on mesh density or random factor
* A few more falloff types for geometric PHUR. Still a bit rough around the edges
* Strand falloff can now be weighted
Please read the documentation to see the changes that were made since the last release. This script is almost done...just gotta implement combing capability and give better falloffs.


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