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Glad you guys are trying it out! I discovered a major bug with the comb thing--I kind of broke it in one of my last minute changes before updating -- I uploaded v1.2a with the fix!

kreator, good to see you stress testing PHUR! 3 and higher reverts to a transmap shape only. I know this causes potential problems with the base mesh, as far as I can tell you have two options: Convert to mesh and apply a transmap material separate from the base mesh, or give the base mesh a huge-scaled planar uv map so that a completely opaque part of the transmap covers all of it. I prefer the latter option unless the base mesh is already unwrapped and needs its own texture.

The same idea applies to geometric fur as well, since you could have potential conflicts if you want to use a texture map on the fur strands (my minotaur uses gradient color maps mixed with some ambient color). You'd have to either convert to mesh or scale the base mesh's UVs to a location on the map that has a suitable color, unless the base mesh looks good enough as is.

The more realistic or in-depth you want the PHUR, the more thoughtful you'll have to be. If you take the time to create a base mesh that you are happy with, and take the time to comb the PHUR how you want it, then there won't be much preventing you from finalizing it by converting it to mesh and then customizing the materials. However(!), if you really like your PHUR and want to back it up just in case, simply copy and paste it and the combs into a separate object before converting the PHUR to mesh and deleting the combs. Like I said before, the .an8 file size imprint is extremely small for parametric shapes, so there's no reason not to.

I know I'm kind of rambling now but I also noticed that Anim8or does its general processing with only one thread. So you need a fast core to reduce the generation time, and more than one core if you don't want to lock up your entire computer until it's done. I'll be emailing Steve a list of ASL requests, and multithreading is going to be one of them.

captaindrewi: I'd forgotten about the more abstract. Good to see you using it in style ;)

johnar, thanks, but I may end up vanishing just like tha- *poof*

Guess what I just implemented in the new release?

Multiple, randomized meshes?

Kind of. You can define your own fur strand(s). If you have more than one then it'll randomly choose between whatever's there. You can use combs or random bending, falloff, etc just like with the other PHUR types.

Using high-res meshes does take a while to generate though. The minotaurs in that image took about 30 minutes to generate, and Anim8or took hours to render it. It resulted in almost 700k polygons, so I guess the generation time is sort of understandable.

(BTW I tested it with RIBRobin->3Delight  and it renderered in less than 5 minutes)

I have a technical question raxx, what algorithm/formula did you use to distribute the meshes onto the surface of the polygons (I've been trying to figure out how to do that for distributing grass in my engine at run time)?


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