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PHUR v1.4

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That is great Raxx :D
This for sure will add a lot of stuff to anim8or!

I hope so, though honestly most of the artists here won't need fur, since most prefer inorganic modeling. I tend towards organic though, and had been wanting to make a fur script for a while now (to make a realistic squirrel, of all things). Anyway, after this who knows. Trees, grass, and foliage?

Update to v1.2! Includes comb capability and progress bar in the console. I'm rather proud of the comb thing, it's about the best I can do given ASL's current limitations.

By the way, I forgot to mention that all the fur strands are UV mapped so that it unfolds across the texture (cylindrical for the geometric type, and planar for the transmap type).

I plan on just a few more features after this, the documentation is all updated. I also removed most of the images since it was getting too cluttered.

 I just want to say, don't leave town in the next few days, theres  a friend or 2 of mine that want to say thank you.  ;)

Medal and hall of fame Raxx, having fun here.

Another Good Job Raxx, couple of tests with Ted:

Different Fur lengths and depths. If I crank down the distance it takes a phenomenal amount of time locking up the machine with only one core, will try on my quad core at home.

Does it use a transmap material if I use  3 and above in phut type   


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