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If you have some good script ideas but don't have the time or skills to make them yourself, ask and you might receive.

ASL can...

* Export object editor data to ASCII formats
* Manipulate mesh data in the object editor
* Make parametric shapes in the object editor
* Be used for manipulating animation in the scene editor
ASL can not..

* Import data
* Access morph targets
* Access the figure/sequence editors

hi Raxx and every other ASL Coder, i have few request for you:
1. i have made Form-Grille, Form-Grille_Ex Script that can make lattice like form using any mesh.
req. can anybody make true lattice form script (with joint not separated).
2. one of our coder made loft Script (Llyr Carter) that can also loft between two mesh (in correct
some time or mostly though)  ""
req. can anybody make blob-mesh Script that use Geo-sphere and a tension parameter.
3. we have subdivision (Anim8or), unsubdivide (some time it don't work though. esp. if the mesh
    is modified after subdivision), triangulate, untriangulate Script.
req. can anybody make dynamic-tessellation script which subdivide and unsubdivide surface area
    depending on it's curvature and mesh density (like Z-brush do, but simple way).

if no body ans. it, i will try them after 2013! hope to know from you all.

If such a thing already exists forgive me but a tool that selects alternate faces, edges or points  would be good.

well it is possible, esp. if the mesh formation is regular and vertex are ordered. but i think i can help you, wait a little more (you will know).

Is there a way to HIDE selected points in a mesh, something I used to have with Sculpt 3d and would be helpful.


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