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I love this topic, I'm surprised I never looked sooner! I didn't really have the will-power to read every suggestion, so forgive me if any are repeats.

Speed up for Win8, Win7 and Vista! Let anim8or take full advantage of the processing power and RAM offered by more powerful systems!

folders implementation: group objects, figures, seqs and scenes in seperate folders.

Use attributes and ART rendering alongside bump, alpha, and transmaps to create more complex textures

simplify the accessibility and use of the 'edge properties' dialog

Easier setting of multiple views

custom colour schemes or custom skins (or an updated GUI more reminiscent of Adobe Premiere, Maya, etc commercial programs)

Sequence and scene modes- face/line stress level, green-yellow-red (maybe down to purple) lines or faces that show the level of influence a bone or morph is having on the faces or lines of a mesh. Might be useful for some people, but certainly not priority.

.png import

Audio import (even if it's basic, like mp3-limited)

Hide points and faces gets a +1 here, I ALWAYS have needed that!

Thanks so much Steve for being back and listening to the community. Being a really powerful tool with plenty of strengths and weaknesses, I really would love to see anim8or catch back up in the game!  :)

[[EDIT]]: whoops. Thought this was an Anim8or improvements thread... Carry on! If any of these do work, please consider producing the ones that do.

I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but I think a multi slider tool would be great. I use the slide tool often, but you can only select one point at a time. If you need to slide 50 points, it can get tedious. But if you could select all 50 points at once, then slide them all at the same time, that would be amazing.

It'd be useful, but unfortunately it can't be done very intuitively with scripts.


--- Quote from: polyGon_tError on May 28, 2013, 12:33:17 pm ---captaindrewi - check my post.
Advanced Modeling Tool-Set:""

you will find a tool named "AlterFace" to use it select a face and run it.
it work for face. vertex, edge are little more difficult because not every Mesh have regular, patterned formation. but if you need it badly give me a "PM",  i will try my best then.
thank you to ask for the tool.

--- End quote ---

Very cool and so many. Thanks very much.


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