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It looks like your first request might be possible. I'll get back to you with a solution if it is.

As for the second one, unfortunately, we can't animate UVs in the scene editor since we can't access the actual mesh data yet.

Well...never mind. I was able to implement it, but it's too unpredictable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and it's a lot of hassle to set up.

The best solution is still probably Terranim8or

Thanks for trying, Raxx.

@ronaldefarmer fyi, I revisited this and figured out most of the issues. It's more doable now, though still requires some work.

The above vid shows three image sequences, two of which are the walking and idle animations applied to one object, while the poof cloud at the beginning is applied to a separate object. It doesn't do it the Terranim8or way of (if I remember correctly) making multiple materials and objects and swapping visibility. Instead it uses a single objects and swaps textures.

If there's any interest in it, I'll tidy up the script and make a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

Always interesting at the very least.Also a very enjoyable vid snippet.


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