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Sorry Kreator, there's no way to hide points, edges, or faces using ASL, except in an obscure, workaround fashion that would most likely be error-prone. Granted, it would be a useful feature.

captaindrewi - check my post.
Advanced Modeling Tool-Set:""

you will find a tool named "AlterFace" to use it select a face and run it.
it work for face. vertex, edge are little more difficult because not every Mesh have regular, patterned formation. but if you need it badly give me a "PM",  i will try my best then.
thank you to ask for the tool.

Fantastic,Thank you Polygon_terror.
Super.Just wondering if it could have options for alternate variations like 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 etc.
I don't need this though.what you have created is splendid as is.

A quick play below using the script :)

The script is fine as is,but
not how i imagined,that being my fault for not providing
adequate info.
As it creates alternate faces over an entire mesh.
Is it possible to create a more controlled local version.
ie; Highlight a number of regular faces and then run a script which then eliminates alternate faces.
Just saying once more the script is a great help as it is.

It would be good with a fracture script like the fracture tool in blender


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