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Alright, it's time to put together a nice, long list of features we'd like to see implemented in Anim8or. I will categorize the requests under three different types:

* Tier 1: Enhancements to tools and features already implemented
* Tier 2: Additional tools and features that enhance the Anim8or experience
* Tier 3: Additional tools and features that change or add to the Anim8or experience
I am also implementing a kind of "vote" system, where you can +1 a request if you feel it really should be implemented! You will get four votes per tier. Just reply to this topic saying "+1 to so-and-so's request for such-and-such".

You can also down-vote a request. You receive 1 down-vote per tier. Just say "-1 to so-and-so's request for such-and-such". The only stipulation is that you should explain your reasoning behind down-voting.

\\ Top Requests

* Inverse Kinematics +8
\\ Tier 1
-- Object Editor

* Proportional Editing: With proportional editing turned on, manipulations affect geometry in a radius (that can be changed numerically and usually adjusted with the mouse wheel or pgup/pgdwn, arrow keys, whatever) around the point, edge, or face that's being moved, scaled, or rotated. The sphere of influence typically has a falloff curve. +1 (Raxx) (captaindrewi)
* Normal Map support: for materials. +1 (TomsWorkshopAnimation) (Smirkyguy)
* Uniform Bevel: Bevels the same amount on each edge rather than proportional to the edge's length. [link]  +2 ($imon) (dwsel ronaldefarmer)
* ASL - Texture Weights - They aren't accessible via ASL (Raxx)
* Selective Edit: Option where editing points, faces etc. only affects selected objects.  +1 (CrashDrive) (dwsel)
* Add Modifier length parameter: To the modifier dialog (MvGulik)
* Bridge faces of different polycounts:Allow bridging between faces of differeing polycount sizes, rather than just equal numbered sides. (Modeler_in_the_Myst)
* More advanced slide tool:Ability to select multiple points or edges and slide them. (rellik420)
* Universal Mirror Tool:Currently restricted to just right-side modifications. Make transformations on either side mirror appropriately (rellik420)
* Uniform Extrude Faces Connected:Extruding offsets all faces equally without distorting said faces(ronaldefarmer)-- Figure Editor

* Painted Weights Color Sorting: Allow user to arrange/change/set the painted weights colors on a skinned figure.  +1 (kreator) (johnar)-- Sequence Editor

* -- Scene Editor

* Copy and Paste: Ability to copy and paste scene elements instead of being forced to manually add new ones. +3 (kreator) (TomsWorkshopAnimation Miatpi CrashDrive)
* Manipulate Bones with ASL: Ability to use ASL to rotate bones in the Scene Editor.  +1 (Raxx) (dwsel)
* ART: Fog (TomsWorkshopAnimation)
* Rendering Speed: Improve +2 (TomsWorkshopAnimation) (CrashDrive henrib736)
* Parent to bones: Allow bones to be parents for scene elements. +1 (Miatpi) (Water Music)
* Keyframe Parenting: Allow scene element parenting to be keyframed, to toggle the same or multiple parents at different frames, with "blending" or partial parenting influence similar to morph targets. [link] (Miatpi)
* Key All Morphs: Key all morph targets in the scene at the selected frame. (Miatpi) (johnar)
* Re-arrange Listed Items in TimeLine: By clicking and dragging them around. (johnar)
* Key All Bones and Key Selected Bones: Same as in the Sequence editor (johnar)
* Remap Arrow Keys: So that they are used to tweak position/orientation/scale like in the other editors. Use the Function Keys or some other set like , and . or [ and ] to move along the timeline. (kreator)-- Miscellaneous

* 32-Bit Image Export: For rendered files, such as tif/exr ($imon)
* ASL - Vector and quaternion comparison operators: Something like if($vector != (0,0,0)) (Raxx)
* ASL - Undo Command Scripts: Add undo implementation for command scripts so that it reverts to what was there before the script was executed (polyGon_tError)
* Ability to re-size viewports. (CrashDrive)
* Better access for scripts: Such as pressing a hotkey and then selecting a script from a list (polyGon_tError)
* Options/Debug/Output Normals: Remember this selection between sessions. (Claude)
* Relative Paths: When opening or saving anything, and no path is set in the configuration, set the default path relative to where the .an8 file is located. (Deepthought)
* More Shortcuts: Add more shortcuts to commonly used tools and features +2 ($imon) (Miatpi Raxx)

* Such as Ctrl+S to save, Ctrl+Shift+S to save as (Miatpi)
* And a shortcut for the Add Edge tool +1 (Raxx) (rellik420)
* Single Axis Keying: Be able to key a single axis without the other axes showing up as well. (Miatpi)
* Group Arrow Key Adjustments for Undo: When holding down an arrow key to make adjustments to translation, rotation, or scale, set that entire interval in that direction as a single undo/redo event, rather than each tiny iota. (captaindrewi)
* Undo after Rendering: Undo history is retained after rendering. (captaindrewi)
* ASL - Combined Assignment Operators: +=, -=, *=, /=, %= Just like with other programming languages. (Raxx)
* ASL - Case/Switch: As in C++ and other languages. (Raxx)
* Make View | Frame Selected work for subobject selections (nemyax)\\ Tier 2
-- Object Editor

* Topographic Knife Tool: Refer to Softimage XSI's knife tool. Knife tool snaps to visible points and edges, you click and it starts the cut on that point or on that location on the edge, and then you click again on another point or edge location to make the cut. It is continuous, allowing you to make a chain of cuts. Stop the chain by right-clicking. It cuts only what you click on, and ignores unrelated geometry underneath. (Raxx)
* Bridge Edges: Similar to bridging polygons. In most cases when point modeling it's necessary to make a poly between two/three/four other polygons. Currently you have to complete the square by drawing the edges between them, and then select all the edges and fill holes. It would be easier to select the two opposite edges and bridge to create the poly. +1 ($imon) (polyGon_tError)
* ASL - Splines: Ability to create splines (Raxx)
* ASL - Morph Targets: Read, create, and edit Morph Targets +1 (Raxx) (Miatpi)
* Object Editor: Ability to Hide points and faces in edit mode +2 (kreator Deepthought dwsel)
* ASL - Shape.Get/SetParameterValue - Accessible by all script types (including other parametric mesh scripts). (Raxx)
* ASL - Shape update mechanism: A way to keep shapes "live" if needed, or a way to update the shape via another script. (Raxx)
* Selection Set: Set a point/face/edge selection as a group or mask so that they will be either excluded or exclusive to manipulation, and can be hidden. +1 (polyGon_tError) (kakachiex)
* Vertex Painting: Assign materials on a per-vertex level. +1 (polyGon_tError) (Trevor)
* Sculpt push/pull tool: Pushes/pulls mesh geometry similar to sculpting tools in other programs (polyGon_tError)
* Materials - Toon Lines: Add toon line support with the ability to set the line width and color. +2 (ianross) (captaindrewi ClassicTyler)
* ASL - More Diverse Shape Parameters: Don't limit to just 10. Allow for checkboxes, radio buttons, checklists, sliders, strings. Allow categorizing via expandable labels. Scrolling enabled in dialog box if too many parameters. (Raxx)
* Modifiers on groups: Be able to use and apply modifiers on groups of objects rather than just single meshes. (Miatpi)
* Customizable Marking/Radial Menu: For fast selection of commonly used actions (kakachiex)
* More pivot options: Transform around origin, shape pivot, center of selection, etc +1 (DeepThought) (MvGulik)
* Branching splines: More than two splines per knot (Modeler_in_the_Myst)
* Better accessibility for shape scripts: Need a better organization solution for shape scripts, especially when having dozens loaded. Categorization, menus, etc. +1 (captaindrewi) (kreator)-- Figure Editor

* Free Node System: Upgrade the rigid bone system into flexible nodes and constraints like in other animation systems, where they are easily movable, scale-able, etc. +1 (Raxx) (nemyax)-- Sequence Editor

* Reference Images: Just like with the object editor, the ability to add reference images in the sequence editor. (ianross)
* Morph Targets: Same functionality as in the scene editor. +1 (Miatpi) (johnar)
* -- Scene Editor

* ART: Focal Blur +1 (TomsWorkshopAnimation) (ronaldefarmer)
* ART: Motion Blur. Refer to Blender's Motion Blur (TomsWorkshopAnimation)
* ART: Add ART material attributes that have procedurally generated effects (TomsWorkshopAnimation)
* ART: Caustics (TomsWorkshopAnimation)
* ART: SSS (Sub-surface scattering)(davdud101)
* ASL: Allow adding and destroying of objects (mayim84)
* ASL Export: Allow ASL to export scene data  +1 (Raxx) (dwsel)
* Time Track/Slider Pops Out: Option to pop the time track into a new window, like with the graph editor (ronaldefarmer)-- Miscellaneous

* Import/Export of rigged models and animations +2 (Water Music) (Miatpi lppena)
* Inverse Kinematics +8 (Water Music) ($imon Raxx captaindrewi ianross dwsel rellik420 Kyle nemyax)
* ASL - Modularity: Implement modularity (functions, structures, classes, etc) +1 (mayim84) (Raxx)
* Manipulation Widgets: Scale, Rotate, Translate widgets/helpers in the workspace +1 (polyGon_tError) (kakachiex)
* Alpha Maps Cast Shadows: The shadows from objects with alpha maps reflect the alpha channel rather than just the geometry +3 (TomsWorkshopAnimation) (Miatpi ClassicTyler ronaldefarmer)
* ASL - UI Access: ASL can create and access dialog options or other user interface elements (polyGon_tError)
* Animated Texture Maps: Using video files, tilesets, and/or gifs. +3 (polyGon_tError) (ianross dwsel Miatpi)

* Animated backgrounds as well (Miatpi)
* If possible, allow chroma keying (ianross)
* ASL - allow for the reading of files (to include official file import capability). +1 (NickE) (johnar)
* ASL - script.execute: allow one script to terminate and execute scripts. +1 (NickE) (johnar)
* Custom Shortcut Keys: Allow users to define their own keyboard shortcuts. (avenidagez)
* Area Rendering Tool: Ability to select an area to render (with say, a rectangle tool) so only that area will be rendered. +1 ($imon) (captaindrewi)
* More texture handling options: Such as ability to customize UV repeating option on a per-texture basis, clamp and mirror +1 (MvGulik) (SubDrag)
* Custom GUI: XML-based user-customization ability for all user interface elements in Anim8or. +1 (Raxx) (Modeler_in_the_Myst)
* SVG import: Import svg vector files as geometric shapes. (ronaldefarmer)
* Linking data: Instead of just loading 3rd-party data into the project, enable linking of other files instead (Water Music)

\\ Tier 3
-- Object Editor

* UV Editor: Edit UVs similar to UVMapper Classic (and other software), where the UVs are laid out against the texture on a plane, typically in its own dialog box, and you can edit the UVMap directly. +1 (polyGon_tError) (Trevor)
* Booleans: Native support for boolean operations such as union, difference, intersect. (ianross)
* Texture Painting: Ability to paint on the mesh which gets translated to a texture that can be saved/exported. (captaindrewi)-- Figure Editor

* -- Sequence Editor

* -- Scene Editor

* Physics: Collision detection  (Water Music)
* Physics: Liquid simulator  (ClassicTyler)
* HDRI Image Output: For the ART renderer (polyGon_tError)
* Audio track capability: For better syncing with animation. +2 (captaindrewi) (Miatpi ianross)
* ASL - Object Script Controller: Allow object scripts to run active while in the scene editor, with the ability to access time, frame, etc., and other object script controllers [link] +2 (NickE) (johnar dwsel)-- Miscellaneous

* Texture Baking: Shadows/AO and other effects +1 (TomsWorkshopAnimation) ($imon)
* Plugin SDK implementation: Ability to program attachable plugins using lower-level programming languages (polyGon_tError)
* ASL Rendered Access: For post-processing via ASL (polyGon_tError)
* Ragdoll-type physics: Allow toggling of passively controlled bones [link]  (Water Music)
* ASL - Events: When a script is run, it can have registerEvent() functions, that bind other, unrun parts of its code with events happening inside anim8or. When an event happens (mouse click? switch to mode? model rotation? start of render? whatever?) the bound code is run, with parameters related to the event (ie. mouse position, or mode we're leaving and where are we going etc) and ASL code is executed. +1 (Thanos) (Miatpi)
* Tablet Support: Android and/or iOS versions. (kreator)
* Import Mesh Sequences: Ability to import/create mesh sequences (ie mesh001.obj-mesh300.obj), similar to how image sequences or morph targets work except done by swapping meshes. (dwsel)
* Export Mesh Sequences: Ability to export a scene or sequence as a sequence of mesh files (ie mesh001.obj-mesh300.obj for frames 1-300). (dwsel)
* Direct linking with external software: Implement a way to interact with other programs that support app linking of data. (Ippena)

They're all good suggestions, Raxx!

I've got a modeling tool I would like to see implemented:

Bridge Edges: instead of bridging polygons, in most cases when point modeling it's necessary to make a poly between two/three/four other polies. Now you have to complete the square with drawing an edge, then select all the edges and fill the gap. It would be easy to select two opposite edges and connect to create the poly.

I would like  to second Raxx' request for Toggling the arc rotate tool (using the alt key)..  +1!

My two pennys worth.... Scene mode instead of having to go up to the build menu and input individual objects every time, click on the object in the scene and use copy /paste it.

I would like to see more enhancements within the animation capabilities of Anim8or

Alright, I added your feature requests/suggestions.

As for your second one, kreator, do you have something specific in mind?

In the past I requested for ASL ability to manipulate bones in the Scene Editor. I'll add that to the list.


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