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Ok, I added your feature requests, TomsWorkshopAnimation. I put your ART attributes request in Tier 2 since those are fairly different from what's already implemented.

I also added two more ASL related ones:

* ASL: Ability to create splines
* ASL: Read, create, and edit Morph Targets

I`ll +1 the Tier 1 .png support and Arc rotate

Water Music:
These have been mentioned before, but I think the biggest things Anim8or has been missing are the importing and exporting of rigged models and animations.  That's essential for anyone who wants to use Anim8or models in real-time applications - games and such.

And, of course, any preset application of physics can give better looking results in a lot less time.  Passively controlled bones were mentioned in an earlier post, non-linear speed options between keyframes, collision detection, IK, etc.  Steve's heard all that before, of course.

Mostly though, I'm just looking forward to seeing what Steve feels like implementing.

PNG support would be one thing, better yet would be support for 32 bit images (tif/exr?). So maybe they can be combined for updated image exporting? ill second it than :P

And a +1 of course for IK and one for multithreaded rendering!

In regard to ASL, allowing adding of primitives and objects through the code. This would allow for many awesome effects (ie. particles, forest generation). Also, make ASL modular (ie. user defined functions, structures (or classes)).


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