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Challenge #32: Pre-'E'

What this is...
Less a challenge, more a chance to let your old unfinished works see the light. Post up to three of your favorite unfinished WIPs (for challenges or otherwise) that you never completed! These can be renders or animations. It is marked as "unfinished" if you never submitted it as a final entry for a challenge (it was not voted on), assignment, or posted a final render of it to any gallery, or to finish off your WIP thread.


* Anim8or Only: It has to have been at least partly modeled, animated, or rendered in Anim8or.
* No touching!: You can't "touch" it before submitting it. No touching up or finishing it, submit it in its inglorious form. The most you are allowed to do is set up an empty scene with lighting to render it, if applicable.
* You can use old renders: Don't have the original file? You can use an old render or screenshot instead.
* Coated with dust: It has to be more than a month since you last worked on it.
Feel free to share your entries' histories, and the date it was last worked on.

Deadline: August 1st, 2013

This challenge will have a public poll. Vote for your favorite entry.

Alright I'll kick it off.
As everyone I've got so many ambitious projects that never got past an initial phase, but a few in which something actually got modeled. And over time I've lost a lot of files and at one point actually everything i made in the first 7-8 years of using anim8or. Looking through the forums history I've found some wips that were a cool idea but never got done.

A most recent example was from Arik's Steampunk World project. Although never officially terminated, the last update was made in February of 2011 - only 2,5 years ago.

This is the only one of the three of which i have the project files still lying around. Though the chance that itll get touched again is minimal ;)

A year earlier, in January of 2010, I made my last update on a very ambitious project, the modeling of a detailed steam locomotive. I actually wanted to work more on this at the time, but somehow lost the files and didn't get a chance to turn it into any type of final model. At least a few weeks of modeling went into this though, so maybe it was a good thing I didn't waste more time on it!

The earliest one in the series is from September of 2009. I think this got lost in the same batch as the previous one, as I do remember that I wanted to work more on this but was unable to.

Thanks for the challenge, finally one that's right up my alley: unfinished projects. Although I know someone that is even better at these, so Raxx, a shame you only get to show 3 projects.. will be a tough choice for you!

So funny, $imon :P. I remember those works. It's a shame the Steampunk World thing never got very far. The detail on your train is still pretty impressive ;)

Now for my own sad story. For the most part, I never get past the modeling stage, probably because it's the most interesting part for me. Other times, I never intend to go past the modeling stage in the first place.

The Dragon

The D-D-D-DRAGON! challenge in Feb. 2010 was the most popular one we had. It lasted only three weeks and we still had 8 entries. Unheard of nowadays ;) Not much to say about my dragon, except that I tuckered out at the wings and legs.

The Old Man

This was made for the Noir challenge. The goal was to have him, a police sheriff or detective, sitting at his desk in a dark room, lit by a desk lamp, with a killer behind him. The only update I posted in July 2011 was before I made the hands and hat (and a gun which I guess got lost), so this image might be a little new to some of you.

The Thing

I seem to like making Things. I made this one sometime in 2005. I don't consider it to be in my top 10 best unfinished works (if I had such a scale), but it was a total surprise when I discovered it in my old emails. So I wanted to post it up. I remember that I was inspired by the monsters in the Berserk manga. I don't know why I emailed it without eyeballs and teeth...I'm fairly certain I modeled them. Yes, he's supposed to have an eyeball in his butt.

Anyway, that's it. Sorry for the large images, didn't feel like making thumbnails :P

Hooray! Thanks Raxx, really looking forward to seeing everyone's unfinished bits and bobs on here.

Only two posts in, and I'm already SO RELIEVED to find it's not just me. So many reasons projects don't get finished, and I used to feel so guilty about them all, sat abandoned in some dark forgotten corner, like a box of unwanted kittens locked in the cupboard under the stairs, their piteous mewin- wait, no, hang on. That never happened.

Really fantastic work from both $imon and Raxx there, clearly two of the best Anim8or users anywhere out there. I remember that rooftop of yours really well $imon, not having seen it for a while certainly brings back a sense of awe. And I can fully understand losing a huge chunk of work. I experienced the 'Deskstar click of death' back in 2003/4 and pretty much lost ... well, everything I'd ever drawn, created, composed, made or written all in one fell swoop. You'd think I'd have learned to back things up properly. You'd think.

Raxx, your organic modelling always amazes me, I've never even been able to get started with that sort of thing. Rob Bottin would be proud!

And what of my own to post? Mmmm (*starts file search*) ...

Bringing old unfinished projects to light and no work to do... could well become the most active competition thread yet!  Great to see those projects again guys, I remember them well (too well in the case of your monster demon thing Raxx!  Nightmarish!).  Possibly the hardest part is choosing only three from the graveyard of abandoned projects littering my drives, but here they are:

Steam Zeppelin. This was intended for Arik's steampunk project (which seems to have spawned quite a lot of great stuff!).  The airship was always supposed to be under construction, hence one engine missing it's cowling (this engine went on to be animated on its own).  The boiler was going to hang below the main frame, behind the gondola, and the frame was going to be partly skinned with some of the interior gas bags in place, etc.

Railway station.  Intended for a collaborative railway project on Animanon.  The model is based on a typical country Australian railway station and was intended to be exported to Carrara for rendering.  This is a new render in Anim8or, the only change was to drop the object into a scene and set the lights.

Astrolabe.  This is an old one from v0.95 days intended for an Animanon comp.  The position of each planet and major moon is as accurate as possible, with the scale of the objects greatly enlarged of course, though still to scale with each other (up to a point... Mars' moons were necessarily increased in size to make them visible).  The whole thing is animated, it's one of the first things I ever motion scripted, and the rotation and orbit of each object is accurate.

This was the main problem and the reason why the animation was never rendered or entered.  There is such a massive difference in rotational speed between Jupiter's rotation and the orbits of Mars' moons at one end of the scale, and Pluto's orbit at the other, that it wasn't possible to set a running speed where Pluto could be seen to be moving at all without having the faster moving objects merely blurs.  I kinda solved the problem by having the machine accelerate, but I just didn't like the effect.  Also, I made everything too big, I had to extend the Z-Far limit to over 50,000 to render the room which introduced some rendering anomalies that I wasn't able to resolve.  Ended up walking away from the project with scars, but a little bit wiser.

The 4th image is a close-up of the Saturnian system showing some of the mechanisms involved.


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