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[ COMPLETE ] Challenge #32: Pre-'E'

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Well that killed that one! Has really no-one else got anything unfinished to share?

Well here is some of my work in progress anim8or animations that I did not like  :-\, please review stills  ;D

Sorry for not getting to this earlier, guys!

kreator, very nice locomotive. It seems that trains are having a bit of bad luck with Anim8or ;)

Mills, impressive set of monuments. My favorite seems to be the city hall, guess I like all the little details!

And ianross, I like how your scenes try to be as un-Anim8or-ish as possible. Thanks for the innovation! :)

And to let you guys know, the challenge has ended!

Hey, just popping in t ask- Raxx, how do you do those repeating details like the scale-like plate down the dragons back? Looks awesome,I remember it well!


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