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Oh... I feel that we have strong leadership in this competition already ;)
Anyway I'm posting my insignificant entry - it's the element I've started working on a month ago - but it went to the direction I didn't want and I thought it would be easier to start from scratch than tweak that one, at last I didn't finished that design at all :P
I've set up for it a quick studio and rendered in ART a stack of two elements. Lightest version has altered contrast and slight colour correction. Cheers!

I've always admired your attention to mechanical detail ENSONIQ5, it's something I certainly never had the patience for. I remember your zeppelin and planetary exhibit :)

dwsel, great renders as usual. I doubt anyone really cares if they win, to me it's a way to let some old, dead, projects see the light momentarily ;)

And Mills, show us your box of kittens!

Now this is a competition that I can complete finally :D


May as well toss some stuff in here as its not really a challenge is it ? Just reminiscing!

Never did get this Project to bear fruit though I did get to model a Lot Of
the items. Last did anything for it September 2011. How time flies, when you are having fun with Anim8or, Blender and Carrara!!

Lost all my steampunk files some time ago during a computer upgrade together with even some of these files ( pre Dropbox days)

Ensoniq5: I remember that Station was inspired to add corner brickwork to my  Steampunk factory based on that! Animanon good old days!

Jacobean Mainline Station, Dodgy lighting Here!


Internal view Of station First two items The Jacobean Railway Station were featured in our "Time For Lunch"
series ( which reminds me to start looking at Part III sometime)

WH Smith Book and Newspaper Stand Dirtied up and ready To add to Branch line Station

Uk Locomotive Duchess Class (No streamlining but was working on it at the Time)Still Waiting to animate
the Walchearts Valve gear and finish off the Rods etc. Had a tender somewhere for her.

Sorry Raxx, I just didn't realise how many there were! And how rubbish most of them are. It's like trying to choose your three favourite toenail clippings. Ever.

So anyway, here goes. These may not be my best works, fortunately those usually get finished, but I wanted to try and show a bit of variety.


This was meant to be my entry for the 'Sports equipment' comp. This render was produced the day after the competition deadline, and there was something missing from the middle foreground, but sadly I can no longer even remember what that was. It wasn't a person, that's all I'm sure of.

Prawno / Bullet Streams

Virtually the only piece of 'character animation' I've ever even attempted, I made this initially as a joke among some friends. However, it was revisited a few times, the last of which (2006) was to add a 'bullet stream' effect I created earlier that year via a little program I created in Rapid-Q. A longer sample of the bullet stream included for interest.


So this is a collection of 18 world landmarks I created for a game that never got finished (2009). The catch here was I was working as fast as I could. All models were completed within three days, I was using every trick I could think of to get them all done in time. Westminster Palace is just photographs of each angle mapped on to roughly hewn shapes (a la town in Blazzing Saddles), whereas the Cape Town city hall is virtually modelled brick for brick. As I say, not necessarily my best work (and a terrible final render), but I know I learned more in three days than I ever would have any other way, enhanced by the variety of source objects.

Excellent work from everyone else: kreator I notice you're big on the textures too; I'd love to hear what's causing the 'lighting anomaly' in your factory image. I can't get my head around the dark front and the fully-lit balustrade!

I have to correct you on one thing, though: this is definitely a challenge!


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