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CCC #1: Creatures Cycling

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Judging by the <sarcasm>overwhelming</sarcasm> enthusiasm for this project, I'm going to go ahead and nab one of the tasks before they disappear :P

Frog, I choose you!

With collaborations, there usually is a pathos with anim8or users, only us diehards would condescend to take on something like this.

I`ll take the tandem as nobody else has elected to do so  ::)

Edit: If I have more time I`ll try some more models ( I would suggest models to go to a dropbox, as the norm is to post here and then all and sundry, collect the models without any participation ) 

Hello Raxx. sorry I don't have enough time to get involved, I have overstretched my already overstretchynedness stretchtedness... just wanted to say I am lurking

You're doing great work. I'm amazed there's not more anim8or users! It needs a school teacher or two with a classroom full of anim8ors to flood you. Be careful :)

Edit: I love the flat tyres on that image you posted ...

I fully expected this type of involvement to happen, but couldn't resist poking at the community in my last post ;)

Kreator, glad you're on board! I'm participating with the full intention of sharing the files I make with the community, as forum attachments. While I'm not all that big on releasing my models to the internets, I think other users could learn from the files and resources that we share here. If you could do the same, kudos to you. Do whatever you're most comfortable with though, I'll respect your decision.

headwax, no problem, I'm sure we all understand. I'm quite busy with other projects as well, and this community challenge doesn't bring home any bacon ;) There isn't a deadline set for this challenge, so hopefully people can participate when they find the time. Thanks for posting though!

Had trouble sleeping so I got up early and did an hour of modeling. I'm also recording the process, so hopefully when it's complete I'll have a youtube link to share.


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