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CCC #1: Creatures Cycling

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Elephants on bikes have been done before. How about a tandem bike specifically designed for, say, house pets?

Attached is an example of what I mean, though naturally the bike would need a bit of engineering work.

Well, the deadline has passed for the ideas phase, but it doesn't seem like there're enough concrete ideas to vote on (2-ish?). Would anyone like to share their opinions or new ideas before I put it up to vote?

Ok, poll is open to vote on an idea. I added the idea of having a lizard and frog on a miniature tandem bike as well, since it'll be easier to model and pose rather than dealing with fur and complex engineering ;)

4 days to vote!

I already submitted my vote. Would you like to know what my vote is?

Ok, the poll is complete! The winner is the Lizard and frog on miniature tandem bike idea. I'm relieved it's not the house pets one ;)

Since the idea itself was pretty vague, I went ahead and put it in a specific setting. This may or may not be cool with everyone, so let me know if you had a different vision that you really liked. In the meantime, I added a task list to the first post that you guys can volunteer for on a first come, first serve basis. Each list and each sub-item is a separate task. The unwrapping and texturing will be done in a separate phase.

I will wait a few days before I volunteer for a task, so that you guys can pick out what you'd like to do first. There's no set deadline as of yet, but hopefully this can be done in a timely manner :)

Good luck to everyone who participates!


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