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Anim8or v0.98 is ready!

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Strange, this version completely lost track of my textures. Ok, not a huge deal, but then I go and relocate each one (mostly) then save it and when I tried to open it back up it was corrupt. It seems to load just fine all the way until the end when it tells me it couldn't open the file. I'll try again with a previous save of this project and see if it happens again. I have a lot of textures in this particular project though so it's a bit of a chore.

How would you feel about making Shift temporarily turn on selection mode while you hold it down during transform operations? You've already implemented similar behaviour for Ctrl (the paint-selection mode in 0.98), and the other modifier keys are still free.
Likewise, holding down Alt could work well for arc rotate.

memyax, you can use the control+shift keys to do this now.  I know that's a little awkward and I've been considering using just the shift key to do that (but it would have to be disabled in certain modes like Text because otherwise you couldn't enter upper case letters).  Alt could be used for arc-rotate, too, as you suggest.

Come on guys! It's like in the anekdot: 3 lazzy guys were thinking "how freekin amazing would it be, if there were buttons for all their wishes, so there won't be needed to do anything. Just push a button! And then one of them said : " Yeah !!! But who gonna push those buttons !!! " There's already the ctrl+R shortcut. Why inventing something new, since there can appear a problem ( what about standart windows alt for menu use)?  And this ctrl+shift usage : I find it very easy, I use it all the time. 2 keys is not that big problem . The same about holding the ctrl while selecting: very practical and easy, don't think there's a need to make it standard way of selection ( ala wing3d , without holding ctrl ). Anim8or need tools. A lot of what has been done doesn't need to be fixed, I think it is in it's final, best form.

no PNG textures yet?


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