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Anim8or v0.98 is ready!

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--- Quote from: jwalt on July 15, 2014, 07:44:34 pm ---Quite a while back, I purchased Hexagon 2.5 from DAZ. I have worked with it, but like Blender, it seems to be hard to pick up.

--- End quote ---
I got hexagon for free when DAZ had a promotion and it was just too unstable. Every time I used it, it had crashed on me :S
But as modelers go I think anim8or is one of the most intuitive. The only other modelers are as intuitive are 3D cad software and things like zbrush/sculptris but those are used in for specific circumstances (like prototypes and organic modeling).

Hexagon is still pretty good but it definitely isn't without it's drawbacks which unfortunately are the first things you see about it.

I have version 2.5 but it lacks animation support. Nice modeler though. Leroy.


OOOOOOOO!  Crawling out from under my rock!  I had just referred someone to trying "that old anim8or program" yesterday, completely clueless to the fact that there's something beyond 97d! I came to the website after not being here for... well, looking around it may have been 2 years now!  Just to make sure things were still all available as I remember, and...

I've been out of touch with anim8or sooo long!  I had no idea Steve came out of hiding!!!

The last semi-serious endeavor I worked on was November, 2012, when I was goofing with the Doof (enschmirtz)...

Cracking into the new version now! It has been far too long...

Anim8or was the most usable out of everything I could find when I started 3d modeling 2 years ago.   It is very user friendly and the way the manual is written and worded is VERY intuitive.  Thank you STEVE your work is very appreciated, one of my favorite things.   


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