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Anim8or v0.98 is ready!

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--- Quote from: Hypure on October 05, 2015, 07:43:29 pm ---Anim8or was the most usable out of everything I could find when I started 3d modeling 2 years ago.   It is very user friendly and the way the manual is written and worded is VERY intuitive.  Thank you STEVE your work is very appreciated, one of my favorite things.   

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Another good one I use is Caligari's old Truespace 7.61 beta 8 if you want to export animated models. I use old model side 6.6 version included with 7.61. It's pretty simple to use and is icon based in terms of it's modeling tools. It's no longer supported but is still downloadable via the web and free as well.

Anim8or is cool but I'm still waiting for animation support which makes it not as useful as Truespace in terms of exporting animation. Truespace, can export in X, 3ds, and it's own native COB and SCN format. Hopefully, Steve will eventually add animation support for something like 3ds or one of the other model formats that it currently uses. Leroy.   

Not sure what you mean by not having animation support? 


--- Quote ---in terms of exporting animations
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