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Anim8or v0.98 is ready!

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Blick Fang:
Thanks Steve!!!   8)   :D


Hee hee hee, look at that
--- Quote ---The latest version Anim8or, v0.98 dated November 20, 2013 is available here:
--- End quote ---

Although I first kinda though "He has finally thrown in the towel!", after getting a 404 on a old link.

: Being my blatantly honest self. Those default forum smileys ... are, well ... there awful.


Thanks! Steve, :)

i forgot to thank about the new "morph target mode"
with the "delivery from morph target" time saved!! very cool!!


I forgot about that, neirao. I probably forgot about some other changes too. Glad you like it :)

Steve, you are the master! ;)

yes, there some littles changes,
like time ago i send to you,
but only for you create this great software,
everybody need say:  "thanks to you Steve"
im very happy for use some time in your life/job working for Anim8or and for Us!

thank you very much!! realy  :)


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