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How reactive you are...
Thak you very much for faster selection...

Really good job !

I am unable to render movies with complex scenes in versions later than 0.95d. Anim8or crashes after rendering only 60 or 70 frames. Has anyone else noticed this?

Updating this post: It turns out this problem only occurs when rendering to avi. It does not occur when rendering movie frames to jpegs, which is really a good idea anyway when you think about it. I suppose maybe it was a codec problem or something like that.

The topic title is still for build 1086.

I saw 1086 and didn't know it had been updated.

I updated the title to the latest version.

Steve, alt works nicely now, thanks!

Some issues with transparent reference images. If Shaders are enabled, and the reference image doesn't have transparent info (like a .jpg file), and you set it as transparent image with a value of 1, it shows a blank/clear reference image (NVidia GTX 780, OpenGL 4.4). Also, values < 0 and > 1 are accepted with the decimal used for transparency, is this intended?


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