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Yes Steve,

i canīt see the "highlight"(but move, scale, rotate functions work) of points only in WIREFRAME MODE(i select all the checkboxs in Configure UI) but no work... :(
in FLAT and SMOOTH MODES work. :)

Thanks for implement the fast selection feature in another modes!! :)

--- Quote from: Steve on April 19, 2014, 04:07:37 am ---Neiro: Yes, I'll implement everything in the other editors. But first I want to get the details all worked out so I don't have to rewrite a lot of code when have to I make changes :)

Can you explain your comment about "points"? Do you mean that they don't hilight? Are you in Wireframe mode? If you want to see them in Flat or Solid mode you need to enable "Flat Points" or "Solid Points" in the Edit->ConfigureUI dialog.

--- End quote ---

Always glad to see updates. Thanks Steve!

Fast select works well. Orientation setting seem to be going strong too.

The alpha values on the image transparency don't seem to work, instead they just tint the image yellow.

.gif files with transparent portions seem to be rendering properly.

Do you have shaders enabled? View->Preferences->Shaders

I did not. After enabling it, it has started working fine. Thanks.

Great!  However I've found a few other issues with transparency and reference images that I'm chasing down, so hang tight until I can figure them out.


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