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build 1066: auto-loading cube textures

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--- Quote from: Steve on February 03, 2014, 08:27:18 pm ---New to 1066 Texture file search Anim8or now searches sub-directories of the base Texture directory for texture files when loading projects. It also loads all 6 cube faces when the names end in {xpos, xneg, ... zneg}, {posx, ...} or {right, left, top, bottom, front, back}.
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i tried this feature, creating a set of .jpg images named "Cube Faces Test xpos.jpg" etc, tried creating a new material in build 1066 using one of the six jpegs, and got... nothing.  Well, the same old cube texture behaviour we've known and loved for years; nothing new, and certainly no sign of auto-loaded alternatives for the different faces, although the files did exist in the same directory.

renamed the jpegs to "Cube Faces Test {xpos}.jpg", in case you'd meant those squiggly brackets to be part of the file names... still nothing.

checked i'd set the default texture library properly, and finally reset the jpegs to their original file names, and... still nothing.

am i missing something, or is this a bug?

I wasn't very clear on how this works.  If you name your files something like:

foo_posx.jpg foo_negx.jpg foo_posy.jpg foo_negy.jpg foo_posz.jpg foo_negz.jpg


foo_xpos.jpg foo_xneg.jpg ...


foo_right.jpg foo_left.jpg ...

They must be in the same directory.  When you load an environment map file you need to select the correct face for a particular entry.  In other words, you must select "foo_posx.jpg" for the +X face entry, or "foo_negx.jpg" for the -X entry, etc.  The others should be automatically loaded.

Note: an underscore is not required I just used it in the example names to make them easier to read. You can also name the files:

fooposx.jpg foonegx.jpg ...

and of course it works for .bmp and .gif files as well.


--- Quote from: Steve on February 12, 2014, 02:28:02 am ---If you name your files something like:

... foo_xpos.jpg foo_xneg.jpg ...

They must be in the same directory.
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i did name them with the correct endings, and put them all in the same directory.  will double-check, but i'm pretty sure i got that part right.

--- Quote from: Steve on February 12, 2014, 02:28:02 am ---...When you load an environment map file...
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...wait, so is this feature meant to work on object-mode cuboid primitives, or just on environment maps?  because if it's only for environment maps, that'd explain why it wasn't working on my cuboid primitive.

okay, just seen your update on the 'current development release' thread... looks like i got the wrong end of the stick here.

and there i was getting all excited ::)

don't suppose you fancy implementing something similar for object-mode textures?

That could be possible but I don't understand quite what you're asking. What are object-mode textures?  Where can I see your cuboid primitive? (Excuse my ignorance ...)


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