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This is so much easier then UV mapper!  I really appreciate this...... I just realized I uploaded a modal that I already had unwrapped,  I was thinking wow this is amazing...  BUT still, this is great - I'm a lazy modeler and this will definitely improve my workflow!


--- Quote from: CrashDrive on February 19, 2014, 11:09:56 pm ---Raxx, I think it would be great if you could find a way of marking seams and unwrapping on
top of what you've done so far. Even if it's just an angle based unwrap only, I think it would really
benefit the new users to 3d modelling as well as a helpful tool for more experienced users.

Like many of us here, Anim8or was the first program to make 3d modelling possible.
Maybe someday your work will help add an 'Unwrap Mode' to the main menu.

Looking forward to seeing what else you're working on and likewise on your Doberman model. 

--- End quote ---

What kind of datastructures, would it be possible to implement them in ASL? (I haven't taken a close look at ASL yet but have made at least basic datastructures before)


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