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I dont know if there is a problem raxx
by idiot test ...i mean i'm an idiot and what you see is what this idiot produced trying to use it.
not sure how you get everything nicely organised front, back, sides etc.
i only had a quick go to see it in action and i could follow your instructions.
so dont think there is a problem beyond my ineptitude atm. :)

had a few more tries. :)
but not getting clear results like you.
latest attempt.

and another,just using basic low poly objects to test.
have included files incase they may be of help.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep workin' on it and will post an update when I've finished the UV editing script.

captaindrewi, looks like it's working as it should. The UVs displayed in those images are correct, and the .an8 files work fine. They may not look as "clear" as the example in the first post, since I unwrap my models by hand.

Kreator, it's only slow with the UVview_pixel parametric shape, which I wouldn't recommend using except out of idle curiosity. Everything else, especially the UVview_vector shape, is pretty fast. The PPM file took a split second (attached as frogppm2.png).

The frog2.svg image took a 4-5 seconds, the other one less than a second. This is mostly because I just added UV Cluster detection to it and haven't optimized it yet. The current release is much faster without.

OK,potentially it all looks marvellous. :)


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