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ASL integer bit-wise operators

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Build 1071 adds the integer bit-wise operators &, ^, |, << and >>. Since there is no unsigned int in ASL the right shift always sign extends.

Build 1075 adds bit negate ~, and ++ and --.

Note: Build 175 had a bug parsing prefix ++ and -- so it was replaced by build 1076.

Hey Steve,

Finally able to give these operators a shot (trying to implement this algorithm), but couldn't help but notice that the bit-wise NOT (~) operator is missing. Granted, it can be done manually, but it'd be awesome if it were in there.



Until it's implemented,you could also apply XOR ^ between your integer and one which is all 1s to get the equivalent of a twiddle.

Hope it helps.

Hey Claude, makes perfect sense, totally ignored the XOR operator there.

I came up with this solution via code, but I'm wondering if there's a less intensive method of determining the all 1-bit integer. [edit]Scratch that

How about something like this:
return $int  ^  0xffffffff;

Haven't tested it,but It should work.


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