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ASL Quaternion Functionality


New quaternion functions:

    point3 QuaternionToRPY(quaternion);
    quaternion slerp(quaternion, quaternion, float);
    quaternion squad(quaternion, quaternion, quaternion, quaternion, float);

New quaternion operators:

    addition: Q + Q
    subtraction: Q - Q
    multiplication: Q * Q

I was able to test the first two!

quaternionToRPY - Works perfect. Translated the shapes' quaternion orientations directly into the RPY that was given in the status bar. Couldn't be happier. I should point out that it's a lowercase 'q' in the function name.

slerp - I plugged the slerp function into my PHUR script, seems to do a better job of slerping than my manual code, as far as I can tell :)

Darn, it should be a capital Q to be consistent with the others. I thought I'd tested that since I rearranged the code a bit but guess not. I'll have to fix it.

On another note, Raxx, you mentioned a need for the quaternion function lerp in an e-mail a while back. Was that a typo?  I don't have a good definition for it other that a straightforward linear interpretation of the 4 coordinates, which doesn't seem very meaningful. (It does for 2- and 2-dimensional vectors however.)

Hm, I'm not entirely sure why I had lerp in there. I think it's safe to just ignore that :P

OK, thanks.


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