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Snap to Grid: Changed to absolute snap by default


Snap to Grid: Changed to snap to absolute locations [1.83 -->  2.00] instead of relative [1.83 -> 2.83].  Holding down the Shift key when you start the operation switched back to relative.

I changed the snap-to-grid setting to do something more intuitive/useful/expected. Before it was a mixture of behaviors depending on what tool you were using. However, as several people have pointed out, the original behavior is often useful as well. So it works like this:

Default: when you move a point, a component, etc. the value is immediately snapped to the nearest absolute value, defined by the grid's granularity. By default it is 1 so the coordinates move to the closest integral value. 1.23 --> 2.00 --> 3.00

Shift key pressed: values change by a multiple of the grid's granularity. 1.23 --> 2.23 --> 3.23.

I think I have converted most of the code in the Object editor to work this way. Let me know if you find anything that doesn't follow this rule.

And feel free to add your feedback as to what you like and don't like.

Hi Steve,

I gave it a try, seems to be working great! I did encounter a glitch where a mesh's points stopped absolute snapping to grid and instead did some kind of arbitrary snapping, but I couldn't replicate it a second time through.

I noticed that you don't snap shapes at their origins, but rather at their centers. I think it'd be great if it used the origins instead, and if origins could, when moved, be snapped-to-grid as well.


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