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Mouse Wheel: zooms views, scrolls toolbars

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You can now use the mouse wheel to zooms the graphic views in and out, and to scroll the material and left hand toolbar. You don't have to click in a particular area - it acts on whatever the mouse is over at the time.

In uniform scale mode the mouse wheel scales the object up and down.

In non-uniform scale mode it scales in the X direction if the left mouse button is pressed, and in the Y direction if the right button is pressed.

Note: There is a bug that causes the view to scale at the same time. I plan to fix that so that Anim8or only scales for these two tools.

Any feedback is welcome on what you like or don't like, or other suggestions for the mouse wheel.

My mouse is a bit wonky with software sometimes. So I can't say if my results represent anything more than poor mouse behavior.

I tried scrolling the material bar that had an overflow of materials on it, and the left toolbar, but nothing happened.
Scrolling in the workspace only works if I scroll rapidly, and only then in small intervals. Slow to moderate scrolling does nothing.

The same rapidity is required when trying to scale shapes.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 4000
Generic Drivers (as far as I can tell)
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
GeForce GTX 780

Here's some feedback on what I think:

I like that you're implementing mouse scroll. However, the current implementations seem a tad unintuitive. Pressing a mouse button while scrolling is awkward.

My suggestion is to enable mouse-scroll zoom of the workspace only when alt is held down or when the arc rotate tool is active. This way, the mouse scroll can serve as an aid to various tools just by itself without breaking pattern for only the specific ones. Of course, outside of the workspace, regular interface behavior like what you're doing with the material bar would be most natural. Plenty of ideas come to mind regarding tools that can use the mouse scroll.

* When a select tool is active, scrolling grows/shrinks the selection (points, edges, faces, bones)
* When scaling, scrolling moves in x-direction for non-uniform, y-direction when shift is held down (or something like that)
* The move tool would have the same behavior as the non-uniform scale tool
* If the extrude tool is active, scrolling moves faces along their normals (or whatever the extrude behavior is -- for quick tweaking after extruding)
* When in weight painting mode, scrolling changes the brush size. Hold shift and scroll to change the strength
* Scrolling zooms the uv tool
* Maybe have a scroll event listener in parametric shapes, similar to the scale option (heck, actual event listeners and persistent ASL would be awesome, but that's something else :P)

scrolling works fine for me, using a Microsoft wired mouse under WinXP 64 - didn't have any of the issues Raxx mentioned.

would it be feasible to have an option where you can zoom the workspace to/from the cursor position instead of always zooming to/from the centre?  if you wanted to work on something which is currently in one corner of the workspace, for example, it'd be good if you could just zoom straight to that, rather than having to move the view to centre on the object and then zoom in to it.

not sure whether it'd be better as a default behaviour or a togglable option; leaning towards togglable option atm, though.

scrolling addition working well on left side toolbar and materials

This is great Steve, just tried it with my XP machine, I tried it in the scene editor with camera view and the mouse wheel changed the FOV of the camera (just like an automatic zoom on digital camera).
But you still have to manually change the FOV for animation.
Would it be a good idea if the mouse wheel changed the FOV for animation????


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