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kreator, I'm not using Chrome Frame (which is being discontinued). Eventually I'll get it fully compatible with the latest IE (or the latest IE will become fully compatible with this--whichever comes first). For some reason embedded images aren't showing up within IE either. *sigh*

Claude, yep! I even managed to do a (tiny) contribution to three.js on github. What I made was a loader that directly interfaces with Three.js, so it's just as fast to load .an8 files as it is with their other formats (like JSON or DAE). Then I made a script that interfaces with that loader and webpages, which generates the viewer elements and makes it so that you can embed any number of files into any html element using a syntax like:

--- Code: ---var viewer = new An8Viewer('target', 'file', { params });
--- End code ---

Where 'target' is the ID of the element (usually a div), 'file' is the url to the .an8 file, and { params } are the parameters, same as described in the first post.

The real nightmare was making the SMF mod. It's an actual mod, so that technically you can one-click install it in any forum and it'll work automagically. Ugh, I spent two days trying to wrangle the regex matching for making actual bbc code matching (like uicolor=#eee directly in the tag instead of having it in the parameters as {uiColor: "#eee"}. But SMF's custom BBC Code regex match filtering always caused unpredictable results even though the regex patterns were correct. Long story short(er), I stuck with just using the parameters directly instead of trying to match them.

I'll be releasing the loader, viewer, and mod publicly for use by anyone once I'm comfortable with their levels of progress.


This is amazing!! Will subdivision eventually be supported in the viewer?


--- Code: ---[attach <width> <height> <an8={params}>]<1>[/attach]
--- End code ---
??? thought i would try it out.

ronaldefarmer, yup :)

captaindrewi, I fixed it for ya, and added some example parameters (they are optional). Take a look at it and play around with it if you want. Also, watch out for flipped normals. Backfaces are culled, so you can only see whatever side the normal is facing.

I never showed it in my examples, but files with multiple objects (as in, actual Anim8or "objects", not shapes in objects) have a navigation feature to them and can be viewed separately by clicking the arrows

Super COoll!


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