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Fast selection is only implemented in the object and figure editors so far.  The others are coming soon!

Thanks Steve :)
is because i was in doubt if it was a bug!   

There's a bug that I haven't figured out exactly how to trigger, but it's happened more than once and I think ever since fast select's been implemented. Sometimes, after a bit of point-editing, it gets stuck in "select" mode and none of the tools work anymore in any of the editors. I don't know if this triggers only while in fast select mode, but after it's triggered it doesn't matter if in fast select or normal mode--none of the tools work. I have to restart Anim8or in order to keep working.

While I'm working on stuff I'll try to identify how it gets triggered, just figured I'd post here in case others have had the same issue.

OK if you can figure out any more clues let me know.


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