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Very nice on the model.
Version 3.0 pro, I'm extremely jealous. It has extra features mine doesn't have.
I noticed the list of movie and TV credits has also really grown.


hello kreator
 Saw that you'd posted, had a look and found i could download the mp4s'.  Dont know how i missed that earlier.
 Nice trains.  Take away the PI effects...Still Nice trains.
  On your spv launcher,  I like the way the little door opens before the rocket launches. Its cool making things with moving parts....(the wheel hubs maybe look a little bit shiny?...unless, of course, if its in a dust free which case...
 Anyway, cool stuff, glad i finally caught up with it . Have seen your trains b4....
 kreator make good trains....


Johnar, Thanks for your comments here is the latest render for the GWR Brakevan.

Will be working on a Class 40 Diesel shortly hope to have some initial shots up soon!

hey, i really like that one kreator
 Something about it, reminds me, near exactly, of a carriage in my brothers trainset, long time ago. This one sticks out to me, coz i remember we could put things on and in it. Like the little plastic men, and sheep, and cows and things. He had a fairly large setup, and spent hours building the terrain and fences and so on. We weren't really alowed to touch it, but he let us put things on some of the
 Probly my favourite one, but mostly for the memories it gives me. All your trains are really good.
 Nice one kreator.


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