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function selectText(containerid){if(document.selection){var range = document.body.createTextRange();range.moveToElementText(document.getElementById(containerid));;}else if (window.getSelection){var range = document.createRange();range.selectNode(document.getElementById(containerid));window.getSelection().removeAllRanges();window.getSelection().addRange(range);}}ASL Snippet/* ------------ [ Challenge #33: Parametric Shape ------------ */

What this is...
This is a ASL scripting challenge! Consider this your opportunity to learn how to script for Anim8or! This is not a competition! Your goal is to write a parametric shape script that hasn't already been written before, and post in this topic whenever you have issues, questions, or helpful suggestions to others' scripts as they work on it!


* ASL Specification: The official ASL language specification on
* Hello World! Tutorial: Helpful for first-timers to ASL and scripting in general.
* N-Gon Parametric Shape Tutorial: This is a detailed tutorial showing you how to create an N-Gon parametric shape. It also provides you with a template shape file in case you want to start from scratch.
* ASL Tutorial List: Contains other ASL tutorials that may help you in various areas.
* ASL Scripts Database - Shapes: A great way to learn how to make parametric shapes is by looking at the ones others have created.

* No Prefabs: You cannot only create a 3D mesh and use the Mesh2A8s or Llyr Carter's cr8 plugin to automatically convert it to a parametric shape. You may however start with one of those and then program in some parameters or otherwise perform significant adjustments/additions via code.
Getting Started
Think of a shape that you think would be fun or useful to have in your arsenal, that hasn't already been made before. Announce your idea and if you like, any thoughts, and then have at it! Post your updates in this topic, including the script(s) as you work on it, to let others test it and provide feedback. If you stumble on a problem, feel free to post it here and get some pointers from other members!

Alrighty, I've been hankerin' to make a parametric tree script, so that's what I'm gonna work on :)

hehe... Not even ready to make sense of this! Nowhere near touching scripting yet...

Aww, c'mon now Arik, you can do this if you put your mind to it ;)

I'm in the prep stage for my tree script, kind of psyching myself up for the dive, haha. I've researched it a bit, and will approach the implementation using the traditional L-System method. I might end up making a fractal generator first though, to make sure I have a full grasp on it.

ahhh helllll... Let me go buy a 5th of Kraken and we'll see...


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