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Challenge #33: Parametric Shape

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Alright, been ages but I finally got around to it. I just implemented a crude L-System where you can enter basic rules and create 2D fractals. I was able to implement the rules in the examples on the Wikipedia entry with relative ease once I got the system working. The system itself was extremely easy to implement. About 90% of the time taken was making the drawing function that draws geometry along vectors.

This is the starting point to creating a plant/tree generator. I'll post a 2D fractal shape script after I organize the code and make the implementation more user-friendly.

Very impressive,i'm excited.

That really is very impressive, I'm also excited!  The last image in particular is just staggering, fractals never cease to fascinate me in the way they seem to be able to cross the threshold from geometric perfection to organic fluidity.  Very, very cool!

Damm, surpassed :P
anyway, i kinda busy ritgh now to finish mine of. Maybe by the first week of august i can do it.

Been working on this script still. The user can now set colors, distances, radiuses, and angles that (can) age based on step or generation, among other things.

Still have to fix a few bugs, optimize some areas, and make the script as user-friendly as possible. The Box pattern, which is one of the simpler ones, has 30 user-definable settings. I doubt users would want to slog through Anim8or's attributes system 30 times, so any changes or additions by the user will have to be made within the script itself using a text editor.

In the meantime, here's a screen recorded video of the script running various patterns in Anim8or. When refreshing at each step, like in this video, it gets slower the further into the pattern it gets. When refreshing is disabled, however, these patterns get completed in one or two seconds.

When the script is ready, I'll give it its own topic and how-to in the ASL Scripts board.


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