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Challenge #33: Parametric Shape

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Haha I know how you feel Arik.. But don't worry, we don't have to make anything too difficult..
When I have some time I'll see if I can dive into this as well.. Was thinking about making a random squash generator, but maybe I should start with something easier ;)

Can't wait for your tree generator, Raxx! There's a need for a good one.. Make sure to give the option for groups of transparency-map leaves instead of mesh leaves maybe?

Was considering making a claw script, but i have no prior experience with the asl tools. The asl editor from 2009 is still the best option?


Hi justiceiro, would certainly be interesting to see a claw script. For small to medium sized scripts, the ASL editor would be sufficient for the task. Otherwise give Notepad++ or your favorite code editor a shot.

Well, after some strugle, i managed to get the basic idea working. The script alreadly make a path for the object to follow, and i can even put a straitgh model of the claw. I'm now interested in using the float4x4 to make the claw bend, but this kind of operation will probably be quite hard.  :-X ::)

justiceiro: Just a heads up I get a syntax error at line 25

fails to load in version 0.98 but operates in build 1146 revision.

Dunno about the spanish I`ll have to look up raio (radius?) comprimento and espessura!!


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