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Big Changes to Point Edit Tools

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I'm updating Point Edit mode fairly drastically. It's long overdue. This is a big job and I think it's reached a point where it's better than before. Please bear with me on during the transition. The major changes are:

Simultaneous editing of Points, Edges and Faces: You can enable any or all of these together.

Dynamic Highlighting: With Fast Select enabled the Point, Edge or Face currently under the mouse is highlighted in red. This makes it easier to see what will happen when you click the mouse. There is a top menu button to toggle Fast Select, hot key <Ctrl-T>. I'm not 100% happy with the red color so let me know what you think.

Thick Edges: An option in the File->ConfigureUI dialog uses thicker lines to draw edges. Try this together with antialiased workspaces for a great look, especially on larger screens.

Consistent of Mouse Buttons: I've changed the use of the mouse buttons to be more consistent.  For example, previously for Arrow Select the left mouse button (LMB) selected one item and deselected the precious ones, the MMB deselected only that one thing, and the RMB added to the selection. For Move the LMB moved things in the plain of the screen, the MMB in the direction of the normals, and the RMB into the screen. The new behavior makes everything act like Arrow Select. Now you can press the <Ctrl> key to move in the direction of the normal.

Space Bar Deslelects: now the <Space> bar deselects everything as it does in the rest of Anim8or.

Smart Selection: You can select only what you can see. In wireframe Points have priority over Edges, over Faces. This allows you to select points and edges in the back part of something. (Of course you can still disable front and  backside components with the [Front] and [Back] buttons.) In solid views the closest thing to the view is selected so you don't accidentally select a hidden edge, etc. If edges or points aren't drawn (are disabled in the UI settings dialog) then the aren't selected by the mouse.

Rotate and Scale tools: I haven't changed these yet except in the way things are selected. My original "pivot" idea simply doesn't work. So in the coming days I'm changing them to be more intuitive. Stay tuned...

Hot key T: toggles through point, edge, face select modes. I intended to have a 4th state that enabled all 3 but forgot to add it for this build.

OK, give the new Point Editor a try and let me know what you think!

Hmm can no longer close a quad to create a face in Point edit mode..... why??? or am I missing something !! 

This is critical to modelling with anim8or.

Erk, yeah I have this problem as well. That is, the add edge tool doesn't snap to other points anymore.

Also, disabling thick lines doesn't save between sessions.

looks very sexy....whats the f box symbol for?


--- Quote ---There is a top menu button to toggle Fast Select, hot key <Ctrl-T>
--- End quote ---


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