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New Point Editing Rules: New build 1143

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Build 1143 dated December 10, 2014 implements a different mouse model. It affects the Point Editor's Move, Rotate, Scale and Scale Non-Uniform tools and works like this:

I. If Fast Select is enabled:

   1. Click without dragging (All tools): Only affects P/E/F selection. Never changes geometry:
      LMB: Select highlighted item. Deselect everything else. Clicking on empty space deselects everything,
      MMB: Deselect highlighted item. Nothing else changes selection. Used to "Subtract From Selection".
      RMB: Select highlighted item. Nothing else changes. Used to "Add To Selection".

   2. Click and drag: Affects selection and geometry.
      a1. Selection (Arrow Select):
         Same as click without dragging.

      a2. Selection (All tools except Arrow Select):
         Clicking on a selected P/E/F doesn't alter selection. Everything currently selected is moved/scaled/etc.
         Clicking on an unselected P/F/E selects only that item, everything else is deselected. Only that one item is moved/scaled/etc.
         Clicking in empty space doesn't alter selection. All previously selected items are moved/scaled/etc.

      b1. Geometry (Move):
         LMB: Move in the X/Y direction (e.g. in the plain of the screen).
         MMB: Same as LMB. Possible additional functionality here. New in 1143: moves points in the direction of the Normals.
         RMB: Move in the Z direction (e.g. into and out of the screen).

      b2. Geometry (Scale):
         LMB/MMB/RMB: Scales selected geometry around the geometric center of selected groups of Points/Edges/Faces.
         Note: Isolated single points don't move. Think about it if this seems strange :)

      b3. Geometry (Scale Non-Uniform):
         LMB: Scale connected groups in X/Y directions independently (screen aligned).
         MMB: No effect.
         RMB: Scale in the Z direction (e.g. into and out of the screen).

      b4. Geometry (Rotate):
         New in 1143: Rotates around the geometric center of selected groups of Points/Edges/Faces.
         LMB: Rotates in the X and Y screen axis.
         MMB: Rotates in the direction of the average of the selected faces' normals.
         RMB: Rotates in the Z axis (which points out of the screen).

   3. Click-drag with <Ctrl> Key Pressed (All tools): New in 1143: Only affects P/E/F selection. Never changes geometry:
         LMB: Paint-select. Initially deselects everything, then selects as the mouse moves.
         MMB: Paint-deselect. Deselects as the mouse moves over things.
         RMB: Paint-select without delete. Same as LMB but doesn't do the initial deselection.

II. If Fast Select is disabled:

   1. Keeps "Classic Anim8or" behavior.

Please post your comments here :)

I'll test this tomorrow but from what I read I think it sounds perfect.


So far I like it a lot!

One note, perhaps a one or two pixels tolerance before determining that it's a click-drag would help prevent misfires when trying to select multiple elements quickly. A lot of times I was right-clicking across a bunch of faces and it'd deselect because I didn't completely halt the mouse in time when clicking.

I just took this for a spin and I LOVE it.
Its easy to use
Plain to see whats happening (highlights)
Allows multiple modifications/selections
quick de-selection and quick re-selection, just so easy.
Very quick face filling without ever having to change tool.

Yeah, just great.


It feels nice and as if its being prepared for proportional editing....... 8)


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