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The Point-Edit Fast Select rules are somewhat different than those in the main Object editor. I like the way the Point Editor works better and I'd like to try and make them more alike.

Specifically, for the Object Editor's Move, Rotate and Scale tools the rules would be (3 proposed changes are shown in blue):

1. Click without dragging: Same selection rules as normal Select mode, and as Point Editor.
    LMB: Select pointed-to item. Deselect everything else A) even if clicking on a selected item. Clicking on empty space deselects everything.
    MMB: Deselect pointed-to item. Nothing else changes selection. Used to "Subtract From Selection".
    RMB: Select pointed-to item. Nothing else changes. Used to "Add To Selection".

2. Click and dragging: Same selection rules as Point Editor.
    B) Clicking on a selected object doesn't alter selection. Everything currently selected is moved/scaled/etc.
    C) Clicking on an unselected object selects only that item, everything else is deselected. Only that one item is moved/scaled/etc. It will have the same behavior for all mouse buttons. Currently LMB = Select One, MMB = Deselect,  and RMB = Select Add.
    Clicking in empty space doesn't alter selection. All previously selected items are moved/scaled/etc.

With this I should be close to finishing the current changes to the object editor and be ready to move on to other areas.

As usual, any and all feedback is welcome.

Hey Steve, I think the fast select point-edit behavior, as you described here, will work well in the object editor and all the editors for all elements :)

i never liked the original Object-editor FS rules, as i kept accidentally changing selection when i didn't intend to (as i think i've mentioned elsewhere); however, i've found the newer Point-edit FS rules much more intuitive and pleasant to use.  if FS is going to be a thing, i'd definitely prefer to see it going the newer route per Point editor.  basically what you said in this post here sounds good :)

Can you devise a way to quickly switch to points-only, edges-only and faces-only selection modes?


--- Quote from: nemyax on December 18, 2014, 11:52:39 am ---...switch to points-only, edges-only and faces-only...
--- End quote ---

Such as: LightWave uses the space bar to switch...


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