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Problem with Local Lights

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well, they just dont give any light. Everything is black unless an infinit or spot light is added.

This is in raytracing mode, not scanline.

Oh... Odd... now Im testing its working again... ok... so, it must be the polycount that makes it fail.
Both previous times I tried I had high polycounts and they refused to light anything. I ckecked the face-oriantation but that didnt help.

OHHH! I found the bug.

Local Lights only work in camera mode.

Just going to test that in a new project by adding just 1 light.
Ok, definatly confirmed, local lights only work in camera, not ortho or perspective.


Are you using ARB shaders? (View->Preferences->UseShaders + ARB)
Local lights work in all views, except when you are using ARB Fragment Program shaders, which uses two fixed, infinite lights.

Raytracer, not in OGL workspace.

Lights work in workspace, but not in render.

I dont use shaders in Workspace because they dont show flatshaded materials like normal OGL, instead they are all black. Shaders work fine when using lighting.

So, back to main bug, Local Lights dont work in Raytraced render in any view other than camera.


Trevor: please e-mail me a project that shows your problem.

Ok, I simply added a light to the scene and nothing else.

The resulting renders are as follows in the images.



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