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Skertch #1 -- [ Model A Mannequin ]

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[ Model A Mannequin ]

By itself, a powerless puppet

Welcome to the first Skertch. A Skertch is a mini challenge. A mini challenge involves tasks that are fairly simple, easy to do for individuals. However, these Skertches can lead to more than just a simple trivial practice in CG. Keep that in mind!

Skertch #1 -- [ Model A Mannequin ]
Model a 3D Mannequin. A Mannequin, in animation, is a body whose parts are separated at their joints and animated without mesh deformations. That is to say, they aren't skinned (in Anim8or terms), and instead the individual parts are assigned to the individual bones in the underlying rig. The purpose is to focus on form and gesture through actions in animation, enabling the user to strengthen their foundations and conceptualize ideas.


* Must be modeled in Anim8or
* Each joint must be a separate mesh Shape. You may include balls at the start/end of a joint for aesthetic purposes
* Do not add facial features or anything other than generic shapes that approximate the shape of that joint.
* No textures necessary
* It does not have to be a human
* Leave it standing in a standard relaxed natural symmetrical pose
* Do not rig or animate the mannequin. Leave it all in a single Object
Anim8or Terminology

* Object: An Object is an element that contains visual 3D geometric sub-elements called Shapes. The Object Editor allows the user to create an Object and then create the shapes within that object. The Object may be further used in Figures (and thus, Sequences), or directly within the Scene Editor.
* Shapes: These are the sub-elements in an Object. They can be a standard 3D mesh, a subdivision mesh, a parametric shape (such as cubes, spheres, cylinders, or custom Shapes from scripts), or splines. They can be individually selected in the Object Editor and edited or manipulated. They can not be directly accessed outside of the Object Editor.
Post a simple render and attach the .an8 file and any associated files in the same post!

"It does not have to be a human".  Hmm, endless possibilities....

Alright, I'll do it, just because I've been off so long that I need to make sure I remain brushed-up with the tools.

Can the meshes be sudivides, or only meshes? And do we upload photos or an Anim8or file?

They can be subdivision meshes or regular meshes. Upload a render and the an8 file.

I intend to do something as well, of course.

i am also skertching.


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