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Skertch #1 -- [ Model A Mannequin ]

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I really hope some of the new users catch on here... This seems like a fun challenge!

I decided to do a spider. I might try to rig it later, but since it's not part of the skertch. It's not in a "standing" pose, so I guess it's in a sorta dead pose.

Took about an hour or two of messing around, with a lot of copy pasta (in a probably inefficient process).

Thanks for the challenge Raxx, it was a fun and quick thing to do.

DragonSlayer, thanks for the first entry! Looks like the spider will be able to animate well :)

The next one or two skertches will involve using these mannequins, hence why rigging it now is forbidden ;)

Great method for a sort of "learn as you go" tool, Raxx! Mine is now attached

Looks good davdud101! But holy toledo, those arms are super dense with polygons! I bet you can get the same shapes with subdivision meshes instead. Might trim 5 mb off that 5.4 mb file size :o

Also, feet and shaped hands (they can just be wedges like seen in the first post) make a huge difference to human animations and expression through motion. If you're not adverse to adding 'em, I'm sure Manny'll thank you for it ;)


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