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Skertch #2 -- [ Rig and Pose A Mannequin ]

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Oh geez Ensoniq, that's SO much additional work I imagine, to right just the end of the tail alone.

I'm gonna get to work on my rig

Rigging is complete and the first pose done.  The max-bones-in-hierarchy thing was a bit of a blow, but the work-around did the job ok.  If downloading the file please note that it requires a build that includes object scaling in figure mode, I'm not sure when this was introduced but I worked this up in 1140.  If opening the file in an earlier version the tail will not taper, all vertebrae will be the same size.

NB: The rig does include bone limits, I didn't read Raxx's notes carefully enough!

Hey ENSONIQ5, very cool! I enjoyed taking a look at the file. Funny how you reached that bones limit and defied that "not likely to happen" assumption :P

Don't mind the bone limits note, until Anim8or gets the rotation widget/changes implemented universally and other animation improvements are made, bone limits are still a smart choice.


--- Quote from: Raxx on June 28, 2015, 05:04:01 am ---Funny how you reached that bones limit and defied that "not likely to happen" assumption :P

--- End quote ---

Yeah... hilarious!  It'd been so long since I've rigged in Anim8or that I assumed I'd done something wrong.  The workaround was fine for the pose, though I suspect it'll be a bit of a pain for the inevitable animation skertch!

Wow- I JUST realized that it's much smarter to just reuse the same object in the figure if that's possible, rather than having an individual object for each body part. How foolish of me.. I'm (re-)working on my rig as we speak


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